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Dispatches from the Tribeca Film Festival Part One – Same Night Movie Review

The Tribeca Film Festival has descended upon New York City like an artsy, Williamsburg-esque virus, infecting every theater it touches with its up and coming narratives and insightful documentaries. A legion of volunteers, of which I count myself as one,… Continue Reading →

Demolition – Same Night Movie Review

For the dead, death is easy. You are gone, buried and remembered. For the living, though, death is far more permanent. That’s where Demolition , the new film from Jean Marc-Vallee ( Dallas Buyers Club, Wild ) enters: the time… Continue Reading →

Closed Circuit – Same Night Movie Review

Closed Circuit is marketing itself as some sort of Big Brother-esque thriller, a cinematic version of CBS’ Person of Interest , wherein our heroes live and die by the images caught on camera. That concept is sound, especially in the… Continue Reading →

Argo – Same Night Movie Review

I think I will preface all future Ben Affleck directed movies with the following: if ten years I had told you that Ben Affleck would be a better director than Matt Damon is an actor, you could’ve punched me in… Continue Reading →

A Recap of Ice and Fire S6, Episode 2

No matter where one stands with regards to this Sunday’s events, one must give props to the DBs for moving things along. Resolutions I did not see coming, including the final twist, were instead served up Sunday. Home, merely the… Continue Reading →

A Recap of Ice and Fire S6, Episode 8

One does not get very far in Westeros without believing in something. When you believe, you’re part of a group that will – presumably – have your back. The eighth episode of the latest season of Game of Thrones ,… Continue Reading →

A Recap of Ice and Fire S6, Episode 6

Presumptive Khaleesi nominee Daenerys Stormborn, First of Her Name, Queen of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, et al once again appeared on the campaign trail in front of her legion of “ Dany Dames “. Many pundits considered this rally “a… Continue Reading →

A Recap of Ice and Fire S6, Episode 5

Episode 1: The Red Woman Episode 2: Home Episode 3: Oathbreaker Episode 4: Book of the Stranger Death is a common occurrence in Westeros. Over the course of many seasons, we’ve had noble deaths, badass deaths, stupid deaths, huge deaths,… Continue Reading →

Your Highness

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they must put away childish things and they realize that some things are just intended for them anymore. 14 years ago, if you had asked my 14 year old self if a… Continue Reading →

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