Woke Up This Morning… – Same Night Movie Review

Some men are born to do something. What that something is, is different for every man. Einstein was born to be a scientist. Beethoven, a musician. They’re meant to do one thing, for however long they are allowed to do… Continue Reading →

The Uncool One: Philip Seymour Hoffman

As we all know, Philip Seymour Hoffman died Sunday at the far too young age of 46. The details of his death are, for this column at least, irrelevant. His loss is a deficit to his family and to the… Continue Reading →

The Legend of Tarzan

Modern films have a terribly convenient plot structure, A to B to C. After a while, any film having to do with a remotely superpowered individual will look like every other. We follow our hero (generally a white dude) from… Continue Reading →

The Last Witch Hunter – Same Night Movie Review

The names have been changed to protect the innocent. SPOILER WARNING. Ron, DM: “When last we left our heroes, they were trudging through the endless winter in search of the Plague Tree. Their quest: to eliminate the Witch Queen, who… Continue Reading →

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone – Same Night Movie Review

A satire of has-been Vegas magicians, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone mirrors the career trajectory of its star Steve Carell. Burt is a talented, handsome man who’s biggest star turn is playing an unlikeable jackass (Michael Scott from The Office )… Continue Reading →

The Girl on the Train – Same Night Movie Review

Or at least, the first half or so of The Girl on the Train would like to tell you that. It is, unsurprisingly, the better half of the film. In it, Rachel (Emily Blunt) is our unreliable narrator – one… Continue Reading →

The Accountant – Same Night Movie Review

Having just donned the cape and cowl of the Dark Knight, I imagine Ben Affleck looked to his friend and fellow Bostonian, Matt Damon, and wanted a little bit of that more adult, thriller oriented action hero. Damon recently reprised… Continue Reading →

Review: Jumbo Wild (2015)

Thus begins Jumbo Wild , a new, hour long documentary from Sweetgrass Productions. Produced in part with the help of outdoor clothing manufacturer Patagonia, the film drops us squarely into the middle of a battle between First Peoples, conservationists and… Continue Reading →

Hail, Caesar! – Same Night Movie Review

The latest film from the Coen Bros. is perhaps best described by the term ‘indecisive’. The brothers, coming off their wonderful screenplay for Bridge of Spies (review), sat down to write a screenplay about the Golden Age of Hollywood and… Continue Reading →

Fantastic Fest Review

The following film was screened at the Yonkers Alamo Drafthouse as part of their showcasing some of the films that played at this year’s Fantastic Fest held in Austin, Texas back in September. To describe Why Don’t You Play In… Continue Reading →

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